South Pender Island Aerial Photos

South Pender Island is located near the Washington State border in the Southern Gulf Islands. While connected to North Pender Island by a bridge, South Pender Island has a very different identity. The island is primarily forested and boasts a small population. Much of the island is now set aside as both community parks and as a part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada with Mount Norman, Beaumont Marine Park and Greenburn Lake being protected by the national park and areas like Brooks Point being protected locally.. South Pender Island also has most of the spectacular beaches on the Penders with the beach at Gowlland Point and Craddock Beach being excellent.

Poets Cove Spa Resort and Marina is the biggest destination for tourists and boaters while the anchorage at Mount Norman – Beaumont Marine Park is exceptional. South Pender Island is truly stunning from the air as can be seen from the aerial photographs.

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